How You Can Use Flickr Photographers For Link Building

By any chance if Pinterest has reminded us of something, it is, of course, the importance that visual content commands on the Internet. Social networking, in a short span of time, has developed from just blogging to associated activities such as commenting, to sharing, to becoming most readily accessible by the millions. And what is a better way than sharing a picture?

Instead of guest posts as in blogs, Flickr photographers help you to publish their enticing photographs and help you to build links to increase the traffic to your site. Listed below is a way that can help you to do just that.

Finding a photographer

You most likely would have searched for Flickr photographs at some point of time. You must be also aware that using Creative Commons images is one method of finding suitable pictures that you can use on your website. However, when you use Flickr to find a new photographer, you would be actually hiring a professional to take some brand new pictures. It is not at all about searching for the most relevant keywords.

Clicking on the ‘Explore’ tab allows you to peruse some of the best photographs that have been posted since the last week. Click on the photographs that are appealing to you and feel free to check out the photographer’s work and his/her profile. It is likely that you will get the address of the photographer’s website. Check out his/her website and, if required, their Alexa and PageRank. Ensure that you record their contact details.

Yet another site which is worth visiting is Deviant Art. Click on the option ‘Photography’ that appears on the left-hand side. You can view the photographs by order of the date posted and popularity ratings. Visit the photographer’s website and make a note of their popularity as well.

Your search could be for those professionals who are immensely popular because of their talent and work, but who are not getting the amount of work they should actually be. Ensure that their pricing is within the reins of your budget. However, if you are looking for links that really matter, it is better to hire those who are professionally established.

Establishing Contact

If your list contains about twenty preferred photographers’ details, organize them in the order of quality and contact the best ones among them right away. The best results are obtained when you establish contact with the professional through their preferred channel. Many of them would prefer that you contact them through social networking sites or Flickr or Deviant Art rather than receive a mail from you.

Your communiqué can let them know that you are interested in hiring them. If you already have a popular website, the job becomes easier. They may just be ready to do some work for free in exchange for the sheer exposure that they would receive by working for your website. The flip side is that the photographers may not be as popular to be able to drive immediate traffic to your website and boost your site’s search rankings.

Keep your query brief and to the point. Be clear as to the kind of photographs that you require and find out if this is an area that they would find interesting to work on.

In case the reply is in the affirmative, give them details about the specifications of the job rather than emphasizing on the back-links that they can provide. Professional photographers would rather be looked upon for their work. Ensure that you praise them for the good work that they have done. However, as an aside, do mention that it would be much appreciated if they could post links to your article when they publish the photos on their blog.

When your article is published with their photographs, do not forget to thank them for the help rendered. Do not forget to remind them that it would mean much more if they back-link to your article through their blog. Make a mention that they had a large part to play in the article’s success.

Make sure that you share all of the photographs in all the social networks of which you are part, not to forget visual networks such as Pinterest. Provide a back-link to your article. Do not forget to record your appreciation for the photographer who made it happen.

Just in case you have not thought of a different method of building links to your article, how about hiring photographers to add to the popularity buzz?


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Clean Floors Mean Clean Pets

A barn is not only just about giving your horses some shelter where they can rest, sleep, and eat. As a matter of fact, a barn is all about providing your horses the best possible home you can afford where they will feel much comfortable, secure, safe, happy, and healthy all year round. One aspect you should never ignore when it comes to attending your horses’ needs is the horse stall flooring.

Before installing just any floor to the barn, perhaps you may want to think of what could be the best stall base to use and what materials are likely to last for a very long time. All horses will need good cushioning especially the old ones. In fact, even a concrete floor equipped with rubber mat can be quite harsh on the joints of older horses.

You have to know that booth floors are really very important when it comes to refurbishing or building a barn or Horse Stalls. Choosing really well the kind of floor to install for your equine barn can affect the quality of your pets’ comfort as well as health. As you think of other factors, you also consider drainage issues for the barn. There must be adequate drainage at all times to prevent the urine and odor buildup. This is because, even if you provide good quality beddings to your pets, when the drainage is not working properly, it can still affect the comfort of your horses. On top of that, ammonia in the urine can be very toxic to horses. If you don’t attend properly to drainage issues, your horses can suffer respiratory problems real soon.

Asphalt and solid cement are not really good floor materials for your barn. This is because they can drain very poorly. If you have installed mats, be sure to clean them regularly as well as their under sections. If you want to find good quality mats for your horses, it would be best to consult an expert to get some good advice. You can also browse several websites that discuss floors for your equine stable or Horse Barns.

Obviously, there can be a lot to aspects you should look into when it comes to horse stall flooring that last. Quality is a huge aspect to consider as well as budget. But if you do things wisely and give them some serious thought and research, you will understand just how a small thing can contribute largely.