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Yes or No To Adding A Second Story To Your Home

Deciding whether to add another story or not to your single story home does not happen overnight as it is perhaps the most expensive home improvement project of all. It takes a whole lot of thinking and considerations first. And even if you have done so, there are still many aspects you need to know about. Though having a second floor can enhance your home’s space and value, it will require you to know more about structural issues, building codes, and many others. If you have thorough knowledge about these matters, you can proceed with the project without any serious hitch as well as costly delays throughout the construction.

Asses Your Neighborhood

Assessing your neighborhood will give you an idea about the type and style of housed that surrounds your home. You can do this by walking around your neighborhood with a notepad and camera so you can easily compare the other houses to yours in terms of features, size, and appearance. Ask yourself whether adding a second story will still keep your home within the norms of the neighborhood. You should know that adding an out-of-scale story can cost you when it comes to your home’s resale value.

Know the Restrictions and Codes

Since adding and building a second story to your home can be a huge home improvement project, it is necessary to determine all the possible setbacks that go with it. You should know that there are building codes, ordinances, and restrictions that need to be considered and followed before any project can be started. If you are not able to comply with these conditions, you may be fined with a huge sum or worse may be asked to have the new construction removed. On top of that, you should also check for right-of-ways by utility companies to avoid additional conflicts and more setbacks.