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Bungalow Homes—Classic, Comfortable, and Livable Homes

During these tough times, finding a pleasant, livable, and comfortable home can be really tough for many individuals and families. If you are thinking about which type of housing to settle to, consider a well made bungalow house. It’s not too expensive to buy and keep and it’s also not too small to live in.

A bungalow house is very popular for its heat reduction features. Most bungalow homes only have one floor though there are now others that have an additional floor, oftentimes half-story tall. This means that the second floor has lesser surface than its ground floor. Bungalow homes also have low pitched roofs but with broad suspended eaves. They often have a large foundation to support the whole house with the roof having a wide surface area to absorb excess heat during the summer. Bungalows with attics can also help reduce heat from getting in the ground floor. All bungalows have one major hallmark and that is the spacious porch. Some old bungalows even have chimneys, another classic favorite during the old times.

Not all bungalow homes however are exactly alike. As you try to do house shopping you will come across different bungalow styles ranging from Arts and Crafts Bungalow, Chicago Bungalow, California Bungalow, Swiss Chalet Bungalow, Colonial Revival Bungalow, Dutch Colonial Revival Bungalow, Spanish Bungalow, to Art Moderne Bungalow, and many others.

Even today, bungalow style homes are still very popular among many homebuyers and modern builders. The simplicity of a bungalow home allows the family to live comfortably without overspending on construction and upkeep. On top of that, bungalows bring effortless mobility for many elders as well as persons with disability. Cleaning is also less exhausting for many homeowners. And most of all, bungalow homes posses a good sense of coziness and appeal that is simple, beautiful, and unpretentious.