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The Best Way to Produce Clean Energy

To begin one should know the definition of clean energy; energy such as electricity or nuclear power that does not pollute the atmosphere when used, unlike coil and oil power which do. (, 2010) Clean Energy is also known as Renewable Energy and Green Energy. These different type of energy can be generated by a number of sources.

•Wind energy



These three sources of clean or renewable energy are the most popular. There are however pros and cons to each on as with any other source of energy. Below is a small sample of each source.

The Best Way to Produce Clean Energy

Wind Energy

With wind energy there has been some controversy over the pros and cons. This is a non-bias report of each.


•Wind energy is Green Energy, leaving a low or even nonexistent carbon foot print.

•Generates about twenty times more power than what the human race needs to operate.

•Wind Energy is a renewable source of energy. It is a naturally occurring source that will never dry up or run out.

•The turbines are space efficient. Each turbine takes up about the same amount of space as a farmer’s silo.

•Operational costs are very low for the company the turbines belong to.

•In addition to yielding large energy savings to consumers wind energy also helps to protect homeowners from annoying power outages.


•Wind energy can be intermittent because of wind fluctuations.

•Manufacturing and installation costs can be very high upfront.

•Wind Turbines can be a threat to flying wildlife.

•Some neighbors have reported a noise issue when living next to a Turbine

•Some people are worried about property value around their homes due to the issues of turbines being not too aesthetically pleasing.

When looking at whether or not Wind Turbines would be the best way to produce energy one must consider how they feel about all the pros and cons listed here and in other sources.



•Hydro-power is a constant renewable energy source.

•Hydro-power is consistent with very little fluctuations in power not caused by an operator.

•By adjusting the flow of water in hydro-power the amount of electricity being produced can be adjusted.

•Hydro-power is safe as it uses no other sources of fuel besides the water.


•Damning of rivers and streams for the creation of a new power plant can cause mass flooding in the area. Destroying wildlife habits, small towns, and forests.

•High cost up front for building of the plant.

•Hydro-power plants cannot operate in times of sever drought.



•Biomass is renewable on a regular basis as it uses naturally wasted product

•Biomass is carbon neutral as it neither creates or destroys carbon and is a natural part of the carbon cycle.

•Biomass is abundant. As it uses the waste the human race creates on a regular basis


•Biomass can be expensive process because the extraction process can be both financially consuming and time consuming

•Biomass requires a mass amount of space for the storage and processing.

Of these three sources, there are many more, it is hard to tell which is the better and most efficient way to produce renewable power for home, office, or dumpster rental atlanta. It will be a debate for the times, and the decision will be made by people who will study these issues for years.